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      e are a group of High School students who are highly interested in the studies of Ancient Greeks and Romans (Known as Classics together). Together, we love to learn more about the languages and the histories of these fantastic ancient people. We are a small yet closely-knit group interacting together with weekly discussions and debates on various subjects not limited to just languages and history but Archeology, Art, Architecture, Philosophy, and much more! We are here to help our members enrich themselves in their passion and, we expect every member to engage, support, and guide other members in terms of recommending books, papers, movies, videos, and much more!



Batu Atlamaz, Founder

Learning with a community like this is one of the most efficient and fun ways to enrich yourself.


Kaya Takmaz, Member

Ever since I became a member of this community I have found myself passionately engaging in the topics I enjoy with equally passionate friends

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